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GitOps: Why your company should embrace it

GitOps is a functioning framework that embodies DevOps best practices used for application such as a version control and CI/CD and applies them to application deployments. In simple terms, there is a relationship between the two: DevOps is a culture whereas GitOps is the Cult hero that DevOps engineers love to adopt and deploy time and time again.
Infrastructure as Code + Merge Requests + Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment

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How companies can prevent a risky growth of communication tools

Messengers, video chats and other communication tools have become an integral part of work and are routinely used for exchanging work-related data and information.

Companies need to provide their employees with secure, data-protection-compliant and easy-to-use tools for exchanging information with colleagues so that they can collaborate efficiently at home and on the road.

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Enough with the prejudices – Open source is secure!

The decisive advantage of open source in security is transparency: users do not have to rely on the assurances of a manufacturer that a software fulfills certain security and data protection requirements. They can count on the watchful eye of a large community and carry out their own checks at any time.

Open source is a success story and is used in countless small and large companies. Even a large software company like Microsoft

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We need a holistic solution for efficient cooperation

Perhaps one of the most important lessons learned from the pandemic-driven transformation of our working world is the inadequacy of our communication and collaboration tools.

Our time working from home has shown that the landscape of tools used by employees too often resembles a patchwork quilt held loosely together: our communication and collaboration solutions are tightly integrated with our messenger, email, calendar, task management, project management, social media and video conferencing.

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