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VNCcontacts is your enterprise communications hub with its clear design VNCcontacts makes it really easy to manage as many contacts as you like. Available as a full featured web client (browser), desktop client (Windows, Mac, Linux) and for Android and iOS, access your contacts wherever you go.

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Web Client

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Desktop Client

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Android and iOS App

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30 Day Free Trial!

We are confident in all our enterprise email communication and collaboration solutions that all our 30 day free trials are with fully functional operations. (Security and spam rules are in place)

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Organized, accessible, searchable, shareable, from Anywhere!

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VNClagoon is all about communicating and collaborating from anywhere!

We have many ways to enable real time communications via video, text chat, email all tightly integrated into all VNClagoon software solutions.

Available via browser, desktop client (Windows, Mac, Linux), Android and iOS.

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