Professional directory service for VNClagoon

VNCdirectory includes full-blown active directory tools for all VNClagoon applications and integrates with other directory services as required.

VNCdirectory enables the full VNC software stack to be used with Single-Sign-On (SSO) and one set of credentials. With VNCdirectory, the creation and management of new users boils down to a few clicks in one centralized admin-interface in contrast to adding the user in each application.

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We are confident in all our enterprise email communication and collaboration solutions that all our 30 day free trials are with fully functional operations. (Security and spam rules are in place)

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Complete Management

Enables your team to manage, all VNClagoon accounts in one backend

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We have many ways to enable real time communications via video, text chat, email all tightly integrated into all VNClagoon enterprise software solutions.

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