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VNCmail is a full featured email solution made for the enterprise. This groupware solution is part of the VNClagoon business software stack. Inbox, folders, filters, signatures, spam filters, keyboard shortcuts, color tags, and many more. You won‘t miss a feature you already know and you’ll discover some new tricks.

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Our email systems are designed with safety and security in mind. From incoming email or outgoing email, we got you covered.

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Our email systems use better than best in practise security as protecting our client’s is our top priority.

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Spam Prevention

Spam prevention and filtering work hand in hand preventing unwanted and maliscous emails from reaching your inbox. Users also can create their own rules to fine tune good and bad emails to their liking.

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VNClagoon’s enterprise solutions are meant to be shared and to allow granular options at every level. Users can share a specific folder, items in VNCsafe or any other VNC product.

30 Day Free Trial!

We are confident in all our enterprise email communication and collaboration solutions that all our 30 day free trials are with fully functional operations. (Security and spam rules are in place)

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VNClagoon is all about communicating and collaborating from anywhere!

We have many ways to enable real time communications via video, text chat, email all tightly integrated into all VNClagoon enterprise software and email solutions.

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