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VNClagoon software is a mature enterprise solution and when we release an update, new features or bug fixes, find all the information on this page.

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Sept. 02 2022

New Features:
1.) Added the Action wheel (interactive VNClagoon menu)
2.) Snackbar messages for added/removed bookmarks

1.) Added the Profile wheel to the issue history and project activity
2.) Updated the Helpdesk table design
3.) Improved the layout of open tickets
4.) Updated the icons on the ticket detail page

1.) Fixed the avatar menu actions
2.) Improved the related ticket table on the meta task page
3.) Fixed the console error on the agile board and meta task pages
4.) Fixed the handling of ticket names

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VNCtalk 3.2.5

August 19. 2022

New Features:
1.) Separate chip for Meetings in the recent list for better visibility
2.) New group chat UI
3.) Quick reply options for incoming call requests
4.) Created a config for UI only development

1.) Improved the schedule meeting UI
2.) New UI for the file browser header actions
3.) Improved the sidebar
4.) Improved the search screen UI

1.) Fixed the VNCchannels UI
2.) Fixed the display of the remove from recent dialog
3.) [Mobile] Fixed the artifacts on App start
4.) [Desktop Client] Fixed the JavaScript error on MacOS when repeatedly clicking on the download icon

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VNCchannels 1.6

January 18 2022

New Features:
1.) [Mobile] VNCsocial functionality: microblogging and social networking feature which enables users to post and interact with social posts. Registered users can post, like, bookmark, reply to and repost social posts. All posts are presented in a chronological stream. Users can share more information and an Avatar picture in their profile. Users can follow each other. The VNCsocial activities such as post views, followers, reactions are visible in the Analytics tab.

2.) [Mobile] Smart objects (smartlink, reference, sticky notes, and highlight)

3.) Unsplash image integration in the create/edit topic modules

4.) New flow to mention Channels and Topics in the Topic description using @channel and @topic keywords

1.) Updated the flow for changing user roles

2.) Updated the Create Topic tile size in the grid and tile view of the responsive view

3.) Updated the Social post previews for chats

4.) Updated the flows for Archived Channels

1.) Fixed the shortened video URLs and video playing from a specific time
2.) Fixed the video upload and embedding
3.) Fixed the user mention in Social posts
4.) Fixed the thumbnail URL for Social posts

For all of the release notes, see VNClagoon Release Notes.

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