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August 24. 2021


Fixed the UI of the Agile Board portlets on the dashboard page
Fixed the display of multiple toast messages
Improved the title design in the spent time popup
Fixed the timesheet sync after updating the Approval / Payment status


VNCtalk 3.1.2

August 23. 2021

New Features:

Local search for chats and broadcasts
[Mobile] Additional settings
Pin/unpin conversations
New Solr API with VNCcontacts for recent chat, auto complete and advanced search

VNCchannels 1.4

August 19. 2021

New Features:

New Topic Type: Video
New Topic Type “Analysis Topic”: the *Analysis Topic* is a special type of Topic, which has similar functionalities as a regular Topic content type, but serves a different purpose. An Analysis Topic is a condensation of e.g. research texts, fact finding documents or comprehensive studies and has the goal to deliver a concise version of something, especially a text.
‘Schedule Topic’ feature to publish a topic on a custom set future date automatically
Mark Channels as Favorites

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